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Richard Lougee

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Investigation and Prosecution of Crimes Involving Children

Sex Crimes

The criminal statutes in Arizona defining sexual crimes against minors consist of two types: those involving children between ages 15 and 18 and those involving children under 15. While the penalties for the former are serious, any crimes against children under 15 are called Dangerous Crimes Against Children and carry extremely long prison sentences. These prison sentences are mandatory upon conviction and the sentences must be served in their entirety-meaning there are no early release provisions. Furthermore, any crime designated a Dangerous Crime Against Children carries the possibility of lifetime sex offender probation should the prosecutor decide to make the crime probation available in a plea agreement. Finally, all sex crimes require lifetime sex offender registration. These crimes are so serious and so difficult to defend, it is essential the individual under investigation immediately contact an attorney who understands both the law and the politics of these cases.

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