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Richard L. Lougee April 8, 2020

When defending those who are falsely accused of sexual assault, molestation, or child sex crimes, it is imperative to establish the facts of the case. Yet, even when faced with the facts, a jury may be swayed by their emotions, typically triggered by the prosecution.

Legitimate crimes against children are very serious. Those who willingly, knowingly commit such crimes need to be held accountable, whether by means of psychological counseling or, if they truly had evil intent, criminal conviction. However, many people who are on trial for sex crimes are falsely accused, and their lives are destroyed by their accusers and prosecution.

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How the Prosecution Can Win a Child Sex Crimes Case

When an attorney lacks the evidence to convict a defendant or does not have all the facts of the case, they may try to win over a jury with an emotional appeal. This type of legal strategy is dangerous but can also be very powerful. After all, when a child or parent is emotional, it becomes difficult to refute their claims.

The prosecution knows how to exploit these emotions and convince a jury that an innocent man or woman is indeed guilty. However, what juries do not realize is how a child sex crimes case can destroy a person’s future for life and hurt their family in the process. Using emotion as a weapon to convict a defendant of a horrendous sex crime is not only misleading but also unethical and hurtful.

How My Firm Combats Child Sex Crime Accusations

When I first meet with a client who has been accused of a sex crime, I listen to their story and try to understand the basis of the accusation. From there, I go to work to investigate the accusation and look for the facts. I address issues such as:

The Circumstances of the Child’s Life

Children can often react to stressful situations like strained parental relationships, divorce, or financial problems in different ways than adults. If the child’s stress is due to circumstances, they may lash out at parents and accuse them of molestation or sexual abuse.

The Influence of a Parent

Parents can influence a child to turn on another parent simply by lying or creating an image of the other parent that doesn’t exist in reality. They may try to use different tactics to get the children to take sides in a custody battle or to retain certain assets after a divorce.

Other Factors in a Child’s Testimony

Children may accuse parents or other adults of child sex crimes for other reasons such as:

  • Avoiding punishment

  • Seeking approval

  • Trying to get a reward

  • Avoiding embarrassment

  • Getting revenge

These are all factors that my law firm looks at when weighing a child’s accusation or testimony. My goal is not to hurt or incriminate the child. Instead, I seek to establish my client’s innocence.

Persuading the Jury with Fact — Not Emotion

In Arizona, child sex crime charges that involve molestation, abuse, or sexual assault generally come with enough factual evidence that you can build a strong defense for your case — that is, as long as your criminal defense attorney knows where to look for it and how to use it. My approach is to investigate the case thoroughly to uncover the evidence and identify the facts. I may use evidence such as:

  • Eyewitness accounts

  • Phone records

  • Other documented evidence

  • Expert testimony

  • Private investigator reports

  • Police reports

In addition, I spend a great deal of time reconstructing the alleged event, looking for clues at the scene, and questioning as many people as possible. This is why it is important that those accused of such a crime seek legal consultation and representation from an experienced sex crimes defense attorney.

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