Finally, Peace of Mind in Our Life

My son was falsely accused on several sexual felonies counts and was facing 39 years to life in prison for something that never happened. We are very grateful that Richard Lougee was highly recommended to us by an attorney in Tucson. When Rick accepted my son’s case, he knew he would have a very difficult case, but we knew we had the best of the best Super Lawyers in Tucson, an attorney with 40 years of Law experience working the most serious and difficult cases in Tucson and in the United States.

Rick is an extremely professional attorney. When he started getting ready for my son’s court trial he had the best investigators and colleagues working hard and diligently preparing the evidence, facts and witnesses for my son’s case.

This case has been a roller coaster ride for all of us, especially for my son for several years. As a mother, I can definitely say that the hardest thing for me was seeing my son’s life being destroyed little by little on a daily basis. I could feel and see the pain in my son’s eyes. I know, I couldn’t never feel exactly what my son was feeling and what he was going through. As a mother, I felt his pain and I knew my son was innocent!

What I appreciated about Rick is that he’s a tough attorney with compassion. Rick was able to help us through the most difficult times for my son and our family.

My son’s case was dismissed and we never had to go to trial. We are all so relieved that this is all behind us but it was a nightmare for my son and family for several years. It is still very hard for us to digest this whole ordeal and to believe that this is all over.

Our prayers were finally answered and god was watching over my son, all of us, and our legal team. We are all so very grateful and thankful to Rick Lougee and his colleagues.

I am not over exaggerating when I say Rick is the most intelligent, knowledgeable, experienced, and genuine person. He knows his job very well and has fought the most serious cases that involves sexual accusation and CPS. What I like about Rick is he’s straight to the point, clear and doesn’t sugar coat anything.

I hope no one ever finds themselves in a situation like our family did but if you do with no doubt this is the right attorney for you. “I just know that there could never be anything more important to someone than their Peace of Mind and Freedom.”

-Confidential Client

This Man Saved My Life

I was falsely accused with three felony counts. Rick not only put forth an amazing defense for me (all charges dismissed), he also understood the human side of things. His experience and kindness helped my family and I get through a very difficult time. I live in Phoenix, and despite the fact that Rick is based out of Tuscon, he was always available and came to all my court dates. Rick is quite frankly one of the most intelligent and hardworking people I have ever met. Anyone who needs legal help should use him without hesitation.

-Confidential Client

Peace of Mind

We were highly recommended to Richard Lougee, when we found ourselves in a position needing a professional. I hired Richard Lougee to investigate accusations that were false. Richard advised me of my rights and I never had to walk into court. Richard has done a great job in handling such a difficult case.

-Confidential Client

Excellent Attorney for Criminal Defense

Richard L. Lougee Jr. was very confident and professional, well prepared for the case which resulted in my case being dismissed. I would have no problem recommending Mr. Lougee's services to other people. In my personal experience a paid attorney is the way to go.

-Confidential Client


Acquitted 'NOT GUILTY' on all three class 2 felony counts! Rick and his team went over and beyond the call of duty. He saved my young life and fought to the final end. I owe him my life. His team provided the jury with the truth. He worked on my case for almost 2 years and was there for me the entire time. I recommend him to anyone and everyone. Thank you Rick!

-Confidential Client

Best Defense Lawyer Around

I hired Mr. Lougee when I was charged with a felony sex crime. From day one he prepared me for all the steps that I was going to need to take to get through everything. I was always aware of what was upcoming, what his strategy was, and how to build the best defense possible. Mr. Lougee showed me genuine empathy and helped navigate me through the most difficult period of my life. He stood up to the pushy county attorney's department and quite simply outclassed the county attorney at all the pre-trial motions and hearings. He was so much more knowledgeable about the law and made the county attorney even look foolish at times. He was ultimately able to negotiate a fair plea bargain which has allowed me to take responsibility for my offense, but at the same time it gave me an opportunity to reclaim my life. I am currently on probation where I have the opportunity to go to treatment which has completely changed my life. I have slowly reclaimed my life and I couldn't have done it without Mr. Lougee. I would highly recommend Mr. Lougee to anyone facing serious criminal legal problems.

-Confidential Client

Recognition & Respect

When I told people my lawyer was Richard Lougee, you could see the recognition of respect for that name in their faces, which gave me the encouragement I needed to stay strong through my case. I recommend the Law Office of Richard Lougee for even the most serious of cases, especially when dealing with CPS. As a two time US Marine combat veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, I now have someone, other than a fellow Marine, to owe my freedom to. Thank you, Richard Lougee.

-Confidential Client

Richard Lougee Review

Mr. Lougee has been a staunch advocate for me. I can't imagine being able to hold up as long as I have but for his support and his forceful courtroom behavior. He seems to know just what questions to ask, and many times would ask questions on cross that I had missed entirely. I would recommend Mr. Lougee to anyone who is innocent of whatever crimes they are accused of and in need of an attorney to prove it, as he seems to have an almost uncanny ability to know where the prosecution's lies and half truths are and exactly how to expose them. He's the best man to have in your corner.

-Confidential Client

Saved from Life in Prison

My husband was accused of internet Child Pornography from a Peer to peer site. In Arizona for 10 pictures he was facing 250 to 350 years. Looking for the best Attorney for this type of case, Many Attorney's both local and in other States and previous clients said Rick Lougee was the best. We hired Rick. He is an excellent Attorney clear and to the point and does not sugar coat anything, you know where you stand and what's possible. He told us taking these cases to trial can be very difficult. My husband in fear fled and was apprehended, even with this compounding the case Rick stuck with us and saw it through and through his expertise obtained the most favorable outcome possible. We are eternally great-full, he saved my husbands life.

-Confidential Client

A Tucson Super Lawyer

When I was accused of a sex crime with a minor, I could not have been more fortunate to find such a superb lawyer team working on my behalf. Richard Lougee, being the primary attorney on my case, worked for over two years, diligently through every detail and meticulously created an outstanding defense.

-Confidential Client

Not Guilty

Thanks to Mr. Lougee hard work and attention to detail I was found Not Guilty. Rick worked close with me and walked me through each step of the criminal process. During trial he defended against the State prosecutor, a Federal agent, and CPS. I highly recommend this Lawyer.

-Confidential Client

Charges for Indecent Sexual Exposure for the Second Time

My husband was charged with indecent sexual exposure for the second time. They wanted him to register as a sex offender. Our lives as a family were falling apart, but thanks to Mr. Lougee and his great work and advice, we are a family again. We cannot thank him enough for getting us our life back.

-Confidential Client

Maintains Client Dignity

I would highly recommend the law offices of Richard Lougee. Rick has the innate ability to see the truth and nuance in each case, all while maintaining client dignity.  He was the first person who helped me start putting my life back together. I trusted in his guidance and expertise, and if not for his defense my life might have been irreparably ruined.

-Confidential Client

Experience and Knowledge to Help You

Mr Lougee has the experience and knowledge to help you. Meet Mr. Lougee and you will understand. This whole ordeal at times was frightening. Mr Lougee was able to alleviate our fears and understand the process.

-Confidential Client

When You Hire Rick, You Hire the Absolute Best.

When you hire Rick you hire the absolute best.  He battled for me and guided me through the most difficult and trying time of my life.  His expertise in the criminal justice system kept me from being arrested or indicted for a crime that I didn’t commit.  Thank you Rick for everything!!

-Confidential Client

Oustanding and Hardworking

Rick is a wonderful attorney.  He is very professional and works extremely hard for his clients.  I highly recommend him if you are ever in need of legal counsel. Rick Lougee and his team will do an outstanding job for you. 

-Confidential Client

Mr. Lougee Revealed the Truth

I was accused of a crime that was not committed. It felt like my life was on hold. Mr. Lougee listened to my version of events and was with me every step of the way. Thanks to his integrity and hard work the truth was revealed and I may now resume my life. I cannot recommend Mr. Lougee and his staff enough, he is the best person to have on your side. A lifetime of thank yous will never be enough!

-Confidential Client

Great attorney, in and out of the court room!

Rick is not only a stellar attorney, ensuring his clients get the very best defense possible and protecting their constitutional rights every step of the way, but he graciously gives of his time to share his passion for the law with students and associates. After speaking to my criminal law class, students said they found him inspiring and passionate about his life's work. That is exactly who Rick is - a true gentleman who believes in the Rule of Law, and an intelligent and hard-working lawyer, and an attorney who is dedicated to finding justice for his clients.