Case Results

Border Patrol Agent Charged with Child Molestation


Arrested and facing life imprisonment if convicted, the client sought Mr. Lougee’s services. The allegations against the client by his nine-year-old daughter arose during a custody dispute with an ex-wife. Thorough investigative work by an agency routinely used by Mr. Lougee for 20 years generated witnesses willing to testify to the child accuser’s history of dishonesty. Mr. Lougee was able to identify inconsistencies and improbabilities in the child accuser’s accounts of the alleged sexual acts. These infirmities in the state’s case coupled with a likely explanation of the child accuser’s motive to fabricate resulted in a jury acquittal in less than one hour.

A College Freshman Charged with Rape at a Fraternity Party

Charges Dismissed

With his office near a major state university, Mr. Lougee has frequently represented young men charged with sexual assault following a night of parties with heavy drinking. One such case involved an intoxicated freshman who was led into an empty room at a fraternity house by an equally intoxicated coed who then willingly performed unsolicited oral sex upon him. When the room’s owner entered the room, the embarrassed young woman ran from the fraternity to a street curb where she sat until she was found sobbing by a friend. When asked why she was upset, she stated she had been raped. Without further investigation campus police arrested the young male recipient of the coed’s sexual favors. After Mr. Lougee was hired by the boy’s family, his investigative team interviewed several witnesses who attended the fraternity party and Mr. Lougee was then able to put together the true story of the evening’s events. The criminal charges against the boy were eventually dismissed and his family commenced a civil action against the university.

Bar Patron Who Left the Scene

Not Guilty of Murder

Following a night of karaoke and pool, a retired engineer and his friend left the bar and headed toward his parked car. They were followed by an intoxicated individual who believed the engineer’s friend had insulted his female friend. As the engineer began to open his car door, he saw an individual moving quickly toward his friend. Believing the man had a gun, the engineer fired his own gun, killing the man. The engineer then fled the scene leaving his friend and vehicle behind. A blood splatter expert and witness interviews conducted by Mr. Lougee’s team developed plausible explanations for the engineer firing his gun and fleeing. The engineer was acquitted of all charges at his trial.

Serviceman Exonerated from Child Pornography Distribution Charges

Charges Dismissed

After serving two tours in Iraq, a Marine Staff Sergeant found himself charged by federal indictment with possession and distribution of child pornography. A conviction on these offenses would have ended a spotless military record, mandated 10 years in prison and required registration as a sex offender. Mr. Lougee’s pre-trial investigative team established the following facts: The subject computer was not used exclusively by the Marine; and It was not password protected; and His credit card was accessible to the uses of the computer at the time charges were incurred on child pornography sites. Following a forensic examination of the computer by an expert retained by Mr. Lougee, the United States Attorney’s Office dismissed all charges against the Marine.

A Small Businessman Successfully Sues Powerful Oilmen

Won Breach of Contract Case

While working as an attorney in New Mexico, Mr. Lougee represented an individual who owned three trucks used for transporting crude oil. Having entered a contract with five local oil producers for the use of his trucks to haul crude oil from the well head to the refineries, the small business owner depended exclusively on this contract for his livelihood. The oil producers, however, during the period of the contract, discovered a cheaper method of transporting their oil and concocted reasons why Mr. Lougee’s client had breached the contract thereby freeing them to retain a different hauler. Mr. Lougee sued the oil producers who were represented by New Mexico’s largest and most prestigious law firm. Following a jury trial in San Juan County, New Mexico, Mr. Lougee obtained for his client a sum of damages which at the time represented the largest monetary award for breach of contract in that county.

Young Businessman Charged with Child Pornography Based on Police Perjury

Charges Dismissed

He had a business with his girlfriend who had 2 children by a previous marriage. They took photographs of people having weddings, anniversaries, and special occasions. Their equipment consisted of a camera connected to a computer.  Once the camera was activated there was a short delay and then three shots were taken automatically in 1-2 second intervals. These were then captured in the computer. When the girlfriend was testing the equipment in her bedroom, her two young boys were running around naked in the room. Having activated the camera the woman left the room. Upon her return she saw on the computer that the camera had captured the boys clowning on the bed. She deleted the pictures. Later a disgruntled employee of the business found the pictures in the deleted files and turned the computer over to the police. A detective interviewed the mother. She told the detective exactly what had occurred. The detective chose not to turn his tape recorder on until the interview was nearly over – omitting the mother’s account of how the pictures had been taken by her. With no record of the woman’s statement the detective was free to indict the woman’s boyfriend on child pornography charges. He did so by testifying under oath the woman had told him she had not taken the pictures. Sexual exploitation charges were filed against the boyfriend and it took over a year to convince the prosecutor to dismiss the case. Had he been convicted he would have faced a 48-year mandatory prison sentence. The detective remains free to continue lying to grand juries.