Murder and Violent Crimes

What You Should Consider When Charged with a Violent Crime 

Hopefully, no one will need to retain a lawyer because of these crimes.  But if you do, consider the following: 

1.      Most people do not plan to commit these crimes. When they occur it is often the result of drug and alcohol abuse.

2.      Almost always there is an arrest. Bail may or may not be initially granted.

3.      These crimes usually carry severe mandatory prison sentences.

4.      Often the police investigation is cursory and not directed to preserving evidence useful for a defense. For this reason an investigator should be retained under the guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

5.      In the age of DNA evidence it is important to obtain DNA samples that may exonerate the accused.


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6.      In the case of murder, it is often important to require the preservation of the body of the victim for a defense autopsy. This must be done promptly. This is especially important in the case of dead children. Doctors often leap to conclusions as to the cause of death that are incorrect.

7.      As in almost all situations it is important NOT TO TALK TO THE POLICE. The police want to talk to the accused to get information to convict him or her, not to help the accused.

8.      You cannot lie to the police but you have a constitutional right not to talk to the police.

9.      These are cases that require a lot of trial experience to defend properly. The stakes are high. There is no room for mistakes.

10.  When retaining a lawyer for yourself, a friend or loved one check the lawyer's experience thoroughly. It is best to meet personally with the lawyer. Determine whether you feel comfortable taking this lawyer's advice. After all, that is what you are paying for.

Violent Crimes Involving a Weapon or Physical Injury Carry Mandatory Prison Sentences

Crimes involving weapons or serious physical injury can carry long prison sentences.  It is essential to retain a lawyer who understands the component parts of these crimes and understands that prosecutors often ignore elements of the crime essential for a conviction.

An Unequaled Trial Record

Richard Lougee is a criminal defense attorney experienced in trying cases of murder, robbery and aggravated assault and his Verdicts attest to his unequaled success in winning these cases at trial.


The Law Office of Richard L. Lougee will investigate the facts of your case and advise you concerning defenses to the allegations and possible penalties.  We will engage in tireless and unrelenting efforts to see your life is not ruined by a conviction for a violent felony.