False Accusations of Sex Crimes Within Families

Sexual assault and rape continue to be at the forefront of culture, politics, and society, as more cases seem to make the headlines across the country each year. As such, sexual abuse cases often fall into the hands of public scrutiny as much as they do the courts, damaging a person’s reputation and life. Many times, the accused are already sentenced by their peers before a judge or jury has a chance to render a verdict.

Yet, as several high-profile cases have demonstrated over the last few years, false accusations of rape and sexual abuse are also stepping into the spotlight, often revealing the accuser’s true motives. Regardless of political movements and cries of auto-victimization, false accusations of sexual abuse, rape, or assault are real, all too common, and can alter the life of the accused forever.

For this reason, a falsely accused person – now the victim – needs a safe place to tell their story and receive an adequate criminal defense attorney in Tucson, Arizona.

Examples of False Accusations of Sexual Abuse

Those who are accused of sexual assault or rape find themselves in an array of situations in which the accuser can easily take advantage of the vulnerability of the accused. Some examples of a false accusation of rape or sexual assault may include:

A Custody Battle

Parents will do anything for their children, including the false accusation of rape against their ex. Once the accusation is made, the custody battle goes from a civil court case to a criminal case. The accused is suddenly fighting for their innocence and freedom instead of their parental rights.

A Parent’s Boyfriend

Children often have difficulty adjusting to life after a divorce. It can take them years to reconcile their parents’ divorce. So, it should come as no surprise that they resist the idea of their mom bringing another man into the home. A child may be so desperate for their father to come home that they may accuse the boyfriend of sexual abuse so that he is out of the picture for good.

Family Rivalry

Even when families stay intact, there is often friction between parents, children, siblings, or extended family. If rivalries escalate to the point where they spiral out of control, one family member may accuse the other of sexual abuse as a way of venting anger or seeking revenge.

No matter your situation, I will build a strong defense so you can have a fair chance at your freedom so you won’t have to suffer unnecessary jail time, fines, or other harsh penalties.

Falsely Accused of Rape or Sexual Assault?


What Are the Consequences of a Sexual Abuse Charge?

In the state of Arizona, the penalties for rape, sexual assault, or sexual abuse charge vary depending on the circumstances of the act. If convicted of a sexual abuse charge, you may receive any or all of the following penalties:

  • Sex Offender Probation
  • A Prison Sentence of Up to Life in Prison Depending on The Charge
  • Registration on The Arizona Sex Offender Registry
  • Parental Rights Temporarily or Permanently Revoked
  • Required Psychological Testing or Counseling

Furthermore, after you have served your sentence, you may have a difficult time finding a job or a place to live. Reestablishing your reputation in the community will be almost impossible. Avoiding these charges and consequences will be much easier with the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Getting Legal Representation in a Sexual Abuse Case

If you have been accused of sexual abuse and you are innocent, it is essential that you consult an attorney immediately. As your criminal defense attorney in Tucson, Arizona, I can help you navigate your case while engaging with all relevant parties on your behalf. I will investigate the sexual abuse charge and prepare a defense in your favor.

I can also advise you of your legal rights, what information you should share, and represent you in all criminal proceedings. I can also make recommendations on whether you should accept a plea offer or take your case to trial. If you are innocent, you may still end up in jail without proper legal representation at your side.

Sex Crime Defense Attorney in Tucson, AZ

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