Sexual Abuse of a Child: Experienced Defense Attorney in Tucson, Arizona

Child sexual abuse (CSA) is a heart-wrenching and, understandably, a harshly punished criminal offense. There are entire organizations built around the sole mission of ridding this type of crime from our society.

While the numbers are difficult to grasp due to the sensitive nature and emotional trauma that can result from these incidents, experts estimate that 1 in 10 children are sexually abused before their 18th birthday — and as many as 60% are abused by someone that the family trusts. These statistics can be especially incriminating when someone is falsely accused of the sexual abuse of a child in their care.

If you've had fabricated child sexual abuse claims made against you, you need to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney right away. In Arizona, sexual abuse is a felony offense, and the consequences can have a very serious impact on your life that can last well into your future. You won't want to leave the outcome of your case to chance.

Aggressive Defense For Those Falsely Accused of Child Sex Crimes in Tucson, Arizona

As a criminal defense attorney with more than 40 years of experience, I understand how innocent people can find themselves subject to false accusations of sexual abuse. Allegations are often made that can be difficult to disprove, such as inappropriate actions happening in private. No matter what you’re up against, I’ll work to understand your side of the story — then make sure your story is heard.

I’ll investigate the facts behind the claims against you to help the judge and jury see the truth behind the accusation. I’ll uncover important facts by asking tough questions such as:

  • Does the child or parent making the accusation have a history of lying?
  • Does the child or parent have something to gain from accusing you?
  • What type of evidence has been collected? Is it all simply hearsay?
  • Is there reliable evidence that corroborates or refutes the allegations?

As your dedicated attorney, I will work diligently on your behalf to ensure no stone is left unturned in the fight for your rights and future.

Being Charged
Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty


Why Would a Child Lie About Sexual Abuse or Rape?

It is estimated that roughly 4% to 8% of child sexual abuse reports are fabricated. While the percentage of false allegations is low, research shows that it does happen — and I have experience defending those who have been falsely accused.

A few of the most common reasons a child might lie is:

  • To get out of trouble or avoid punishment or embarrassment.
  • To change their living situation.
  • To sustain a gain.

Children in volatile situations, particularly with rough home lives or who are going through a difficult family separation, may feel compelled or even be coached to share fabricated stories about their experience/memories if they can gain a favorable outcome. It’s an unfortunate truth that most false allegations of child sexual abuse come from adults who instinctively take their child’s side or seek to gain an advantage in a contentious custody battle by convincing their child that something bad has happened to them.

While it in no way excuses the behavior, most accusers don't fully realize the seriousness of the charges they're making or the consequences that can result from them.

Choose The Law Office of Richard L. Lougee for Your Case

Few things are worse than being falsely accused of a heinous crime like the sexual abuse of a child in your care. Whether you’re a step-parent, biological or adoptive parent, relative, coach, Troop leader, daycare provider, or teacher, the judgment and damage to your good name may have you feeling overwhelmed with emotion.

You may be furious at the accuser, terrified of facing jail time, or worried about having to register as a sex offender and how that will impact your future — maybe all of the above. But when you fall into that 4 to 8% category of those who have been falsely accused, the steps you take to clear your name matter greatly. Don't try to take on this serious legal challenge alone. Contact my office in Tucson, Arizona, today.

Sexual Abuse Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Tucson, AZ

Being wrongfully accused of sexual abuse of a child in your care can be devastating to your relationships, your reputation, and your life. I understand that just because you've been accused, doesn't mean you're guilty and I will work hard to build a strong defense for your case. When you need an experienced criminal defense attorney in the Tucson, Arizona area, reach out to The Law Office of Richard L. Lougee today to schedule a free case consultation.