White Collar Crimes

These crimes usually involve violations of particular federal and state laws concerning commercial transactions and securities transactions. However, they often involve charges of money laundering and various kinds of fraud.

Business people tend to be more sophisticated and better educated than the average person. Because of this, there is a real temptation to talk to law enforcement or other government investigators to explain your innocence.

THIS IS A HUGE MISTAKE. If you are approached by anyone and asked to discuss matters that you suspect involve criminal activity on the part of yourself or anyone else DO NOT TALK. Simply state that you want a lawyer present and you will only talk when this happens. Do not fall for the standard law enforcement tricks of “We just want to clear up a few things.” Or “We are not going to arrest you if you talk with us.” Or “We know you didn't do anything wrong, we just need help.”

The only prudent thing to do is retain the services of a knowledgeable, experienced criminal defense lawyer. That lawyer will be able to give you invaluable advice that may well determine whether or not you are prosecuted.

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