KVOA 4 News: Felony Failure?

Criminal Defense Attorney Richard L. Lougee was featured in a segment on the KVOA Channel 4 evening news in Tucson on March 5, 2019.  A man said he was treated like a fugitive after his ex-wife made a false report to police, and the Pima County Attorney’s Office had his summons mailed to the wrong address.  

Click here to see video segment: KVOA 4 News: Felony Failure?

Tucson sex crimes attorney Richard Lougee comments on how lives are destroyed by the lies of bitter ex-partners and their lawyers:

There are two common domestic situations where false allegations are all too common:

1.  The unscrupulous domestic lawyer who uses domestic violence and/or child abuse allegations to gain the upper hand for her client in custody cases (there is one lawyer in Tucson who does this in virtually every one of her cases); and

2.  The 10-15 year old child who wants to leave the home of her mother and step-father and move to her father’s home (the state has an expert it calls in child sex cases who will admit this occurs with some frequency-Wendy Dutton).

Of course the child is really not to blame—he/she has no sense of the consequences.  The adults who do, however, including the lawyers, unfortunately get a pass by the judges and the prosecutors presumably because prosecutions for malicious prosecution and perjury could have a chilling effect on the reporting of truthful allegations.  I have done these cases for over 40 years and I have never seen anyone prosecuted for making even a provably false allegation of child abuse.  And, yes, merely being arrested or having a restraining order lodged against you, even after a dismissal, has serious long-term consequences.

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